Coaching Programs


  • AI Based coaching programs
  • based on the habits of an employee,
  • focusing on the working environment
  • job-specific tasks aimed at outcomes based on behavioural development coaching.


The success of a business is entirely reliant on the efforts of people. No people, no business. There are two critical people components in a business: the employee component and the client component. The employee component plays a critical role in the success of the business on all levels:
business development, progress, growth, service, product success, as well as customer engagement. If a business wants to be successful, the employees have to be successful.


We have four different types of coaching programs available. We have, Career Coaching, Personal Development Plans (PDPs) Coaching, Fulfilment Coaching and Study Methods Coaching

Career Coaching

The Career Coaching Program is aimed at people in different situations and phases of their lives. There are three focus areas. All career coaching will always be one of these areas or a combination thereof. Coaching is a process.  To access the career coaching brochure, please click here.

Fulfilment Coaching

The Fulfilment Coaching is aimed at assisting individuals to formulate a personal life strategy based on the unique habits of the individual. Fulfilment Coaching also helps the individual to put this

strategy into operation. To access the full brochure of fulfilment coaching, please click here

Personal Development Plans (PDPs) Coaching

PDP Coaching is aimed at helping an individual develop a specific habit necessary for a specific purpose. PDPs are experience-based, habit-building programmes that can help individuals build strong behavioural patterns that will empower them to deal with life challenges. To access the different PDPs that we have available, please click the below link.

Study Methods Coaching

Study Methods Coaching is aimed at ensuring that students get the optimal study method, which in turn ensures that the student remains motivated and experiences success in the way that he/she studies. If a student experiences a study method as successful and, in many cases, even fun, they taste success, and success breeds success. Unfortunately, the same applies to failure. To access the full brochure on study methods coaching, please click the link below.

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