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A journey, a dream that I had for more than a decade before it actually manifested in the form of a registered company, called Nxusa Human Resources Management (NxusaHR).

Back in 2007, me and a colleague of mine, who has since become a my very good friend, we were walking after work and she said to me that we can open our own HR Company. We were fresh from varsity then and had very little experience in HR. She sincerely believed that we could open our own HR Company, a full house HR Company which would include payroll. At the time she was a Benefits Officer and I was a Human Resources Officer (responsible for only recruitment).  Her words were “Masingathola le system ka Edith, ishayile Msiza”, loosely translated, “if we can get Edith’s system, we are gone Msiza, we will get very far!” Edith was the payroll manager for the company that we were working for at the time.

Fast forward, we are now here! I have founded NxusaHR, with the objective of it being a one stop shop for all your HR needs. Beginning the journey, I was advised to “specialize”, but in my transitioning from being an employee to being an employer, upon reflection, I had discovered that all the times when I felt bored in my career was when I was specializing. The times when I felt excited, uncomfortable and challenged, was when I was responsible for the entire Human Resources Management function, starting from Onboarding, to Industrial Relations, Organizational Development, right through to Employment Terminations, I felt excited. For this reason, I decided to keep NxusaHR as a one stop shop for all your HR Needs.

So, let me tell you about NxusaHR. Our vision is to provide HR Solutions to Businesses and Organizations who are building and establishing their businesses for the local and international market, Businesses and Organizations who are generating generational wealth. We help these businesses, organizations with their people management by implementing and maintaining HR Strategies, Systems and Procedures to enable these businesses to focus on growing and expanding their businesses without having to agonize over their people management.

In terms of customer segments, we have three. They are:

  • Entrepreneurs, CEO’s who want to establish their businesses locally and take them internationally, while generating and maintaining generational wealth
  • HR Executives, including, HRM, HRBP and HRD
  • Business owners who are finding and seeking direction, Business Owners who are growing but they are finding HR to be a thorn in the flesh, a headache, an anxiety.

We execute our vision through the delivery of our services and products, which are: Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Payroll, Recruitment, Human Resources Management, Workforce Optimization System, Organizational Development and Industrial Relations.

If you are already reading this through our website, please continue to browse for more details on our products and services. Also check out our social media pages @nxusahr. E-mail info@nxusahr.co.za; Tel: 081 722 3775

Nothing Broken and Nothing Missing.

Phumzile Msiza

Phumzile Msiza
NxusaHR Director
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