Why is continuous learning and development important?

As you might know by now if you have read some of my previous posts/blogs. One of the things that I aim to do daily is to make sure that I dedicate some time to my personal development. It’s one of the non-negotiable things that I write down, that I must do whenever I am working on/in the business. This past Monday, I was catching up on the webinar “The psychology of Skills and Effective Learning” by Pieter Devilliers and below are the things that stood out for me when it comes to learning and development.

  • Skills learning is a primary function of sustainability.
  • The world is a learning community. A quick learning community
  • As individuals and as a business, we must follow the trend of continuous learning so that we can maintain sustainability for ourselves and our businesses.
  • We must keep on learning and expand our knowledge and skills and capabilities in our businesses or chosen fields/careers.
  • For continuous growth and development, we must push to function beyond what we know and what we can do. We must push to perform outside our comfort zone of knowledge and skills. This is how we stay in a frame of development, of learning and growing.
  • Our Independence becomes compromised once we stop learning.
  • There’s a risk of becoming unemployable when you stop developing yourself.
  • Learning gives you a better chance of a long and healthy life:
    • Healthy ageing is a function of learning and forcing the brain to perform outside its comfort zone. Don’t scale down, scale up! Don’t retire, re-fire.
    • As we stop learning, the brain shrinks and people forget how to do basics, eventually leads to death.
    • To prevent the deterioration of the brain, we must push the brain!

As someone who is passionate about continuous learning and imparting the information that I acquire, I have made various training programs and courses available. These are available virtually, online as well as through Face-to-Face facilitations. Should you want to find out more about our various courses that are available, please visit our website or e-mail info@nxusahr.co.za to receive a catalogue or our available training courses.

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