How does coaching help?

Workplace coaching can help management and the employees to focus on their goals and to move forward towards those goals. One of the valuable things that I learned while I was busy with my coaching certification, is that coaching focuses on the great that lies ahead. I will refer to the coaching session that I had to prepare for today. From the activity of this coaching session, you will be able to see how coaching helps individuals to move forward and progress instead of being stuck in the past or present.

Today’s Coaching Session

As part of today’s Coaching session, me, and the coaching client, had to watch this video in preparation for the session.  Please do watch the video, it is only two minutes long and it will be worth your while.

The rationale behind the video, is that all “people, irrespective of who they are, run the risk of getting stuck in a situation, relationship, job, career, community, house or even academic studies that doesn’t work optimally. This compromises a meaningful and fulfilling life.” Instead of forcing yourself to stay in messy situation and keep on trying to deal with it, the plan should rather be to get out.”

Getting out of toxic situations

The reason for having to get out, is the high impact that failure will have – should you stay too long in an unfruitful circumstance. This has destructive implications for a person’s ego position. Failure is the underlying reason for most challenges that people struggle to deal with. If a person is stuck in a situation that is hostile, frustrating, and emotionally exhausting, it is recommended that such an individual should rather leave. To leave some situations is not always easy and people need to practise this. It should be seen as learning to how to swim. This is where the coach and coaching come in.

These difficult and challenging experiences build the individual up to become strong and be able to leave a tight and tricky situation. Walking away from a situation, a relationship or a place must be replaced by creating a new, more meaningful place, relationship, or emotional space.

The aim of today’s session

Today’s session was aimed at helping the individual to practise walking away from something that was/is toxic and towards living a better life.


From this example of today’s coaching session, we can see that coaching helps individuals through specific interventions and activities, to move towards their desired goals and achievements.

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